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Cashmere Men's Scarf from Nepal with Checks Weave
  • Marina
  • Old Gold
  • River Blue
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5.8 ft x 1.0 ft
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Plain Men's Dushala with Self Weave
  • Gray Morn
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8.6 ft x 4.4 ft
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Kullu Palla Men's Shawl with Kinnauri Woven Border in Multicolor Thread
  • Caviar Black
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8.5 ft x 4.5 ft
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Men's Shawl from Kutch with Woven Border and Embroidered Mirrors
  • Brown Stone
  • Black
  • Baked Apple
  • Black And Red
  • Pink Sand
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6.8 ft x 3.0 ft
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3.6 ft x 2.0 ft
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Ivory Men's Tusha Shawl with Sozni Embroidery on Edges
  • Ivory
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8.4 ft x 3.8 ft
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Men's Tusha Shawl from Kashmir with Sozni Hand-Embroidery on Border
  • Ivory
  • Jet Black
  • Simply Taupe
  • Tuffet Gray
  • Cobblestone
  • Plaza Taupe
  • Smoke Gray
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8.3 ft x 4.3 ft
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Plain Men's Shawl with Brown Woven Border
  • Military Olive
  • Ivory
  • Pumice Stone
  • Khaki
  • Gray
  • Otter Brown
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8.0 ft x 4.0 ft
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Kullu Palla Men's Shawl with Kinnauri Woven Border
  • Pirate Black
  • Black Ink
  • Charcoal
  • French Roast
  • Moonbeam
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8.6 ft x 4.2 ft
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Plain Men's Dushala (Lohi) from Amritsar
  • Biscott Brown
  • Eclipse Blue
  • Jet Black
  • Simply Taupe
  • Vanilla Ice
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8.6 ft x 4.2 ft
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Shawls and Stoles, the contemporary fashion staples to shine your virility in

One of the most extravagant embellishments for boosting stronger socioeconomic standing has traditionally been Kashmiri shawls and stoles. There is elegance everywhere, and it caters to both men and women. You can reveal a lot about yourself from the clothes you pick. Traditionally, only women were expected to dress with elegance, but in the contemporary generation, men have however begun to develop a fascination with fashion. Modern men prefer to stand out just by wearing trendy clothes. Men prefer attire made from the finest wool and cashmere that has excellent heat characteristics and is extremely breezy in the winter. The heritage of luxury and heritage is enhanced by perfect knits and loose patterns. 

The polished texture of a shawl is achieved using the purest wool. The light and darker tones of the Pashmina shawl enhance your aesthetic and character. Your dress is immediately transformed into something grand and old-fashioned by the intricate embellishments and motif. The elite have historically favored a pashmina. These are everlasting masterpieces that might be transmitted from one generation to another. Any professional attire can be paired with the black genuine pashmina shawl. Ready to display your favorites at a business dinner, fair, or celebration.  The most contemporary assortment of men's shawls is fashioned from such a mixture of the finest organic wool. You are tempted to accept it because of its airy and sensitive fabric, and you are encouraged to flaunt it because of its grandeur.

Here are a few of most popular varieties of pashmina shawls in India:

  1. Shawls with solid colors - Cashmere shawls are available in a range of patterns, hues, and fabrics, but basic solids are among the most well-liked. Solid scarves are practical fashion items since they can be worn with both contemporary and indigenous apparel. The hue that you choose to apply is extremely important. While bold colors go well with winter clothing, pastels look fantastic in the summer.

  1. Shawls with woven motifs - Cashmere pashmina shawls are a fashionable method of remaining comfortable and can effortlessly spice up a simple outfit. Against a contemporary backdrop, the entire body and bordering pattern look fabulous. You can choose a pashmina shawl that perfectly matches the color palette of your ensemble, whether it is minimalistic or bright and flamboyant, owing to its diverse variety of tones.

  1. Shawls with embroidery- Pashmina shawls with embroidered work are the perfect nighttime adornment. Pashminas are already visually attractive, but even when you add a little extra detail to your ensemble, it elevates it to the next level of being truly gorgeous and dazzling. You'll be able to discover stunning, fashionable pieces. They pair well with kurtas.  Select an embellished fashionable shawl with embroidery for an absolutely amazing appeal.

Styling the Shawl for Men

  1. Try the cool Infinity Drape: You can flaunt your Pashmina wrap infinity-style by tucking the edges together and placing the drape behind the neck. The left side should indeed be grabbed, linked in an endless spiral, and afterwards wrapped all around the neck.

  1. The old-fashioned Loop: Wrap the shawl all around the neck, then pull the corners down to the front in order form a loop to wear your pashmina. Thereafter, insert the left portions into the loop's edges while keeping the corners dangling in the center.

  1. The Stylish French Twist: Your Pashmina shawl must be pleated in half first, then again. Bend along the breadth after that, and then wrap it around your neck. Once you've wrapped it, tuck one of your fringed ends from the inside of the loop while dragging some other end around it and back through it.


Q1. Can men wear shawls?


By wearing high-quality Men's Pashmina Shawls and Men's Cashmere Scarves, men are beginning to express their uniqueness in a manner that is both more traditional and more extravagant. This is achieved by wrapping oneself with scarves of the sort described above. Despite the fact that the propensity was first linked mostly with women, this is accurate. The latest trend of men wearing pashminas on their shoulders is a significant break from conventional fashion rules. This style is rising in popularity. This trend is more prevalent in today's culture. Over the past many years, a sizable portion of the population has adopted this practice as a trend.


Q2. Which shawl material is best?


It is generally agreed upon that the Kashmiri Pashmina shawls, which are woven from cashmere wool and are crafted by local artisans, are of the highest quality and craftsmanship that can be discovered anywhere else in the world. The Himalayan Capra Hircus goat, whose wool is thought to be of superior quality to that of any other, grows its fleece all over its body, including in places that are difficult to reach. This makes the goat an ideal candidate for the production of high-quality wool. Due to the high level of quality that it possesses, cashmere, which is also referred to as Pashmina wool, has earned a well-deserved reputation for being exceptionally lovely and pleasant to the touch.


Q3. How do you tie a man's shawl?


The scarf should be wrapped around the neck with one end longer than the other. Consequently, the scarf will have a more remarkable appearance. By crossing the shorter end of the scarf over the longer end, bringing the longer end under the chin, and then bringing it out the opening there, one can easily tie a knot. At this point, the scarf is designed to be wrapped around your neck. Pull on both ends of the scarf to alter the size of the knot and the tightness of the scarf after tying the knot. Continue doing so until the desired look is achieved.


Q4. What is a good length for a men's scarf?


The recommended range for the width of the scarf is between 6 and 14 inches, while the recommended range for the length is between 50 and 90 inches. These two measurements are both expressed in inches. A man who is of average height should look for a scarf that is at least sixty inches long, while a larger man should look for one that is somewhere in the region of seventy inches long. On the other hand, a man should look for a scarf that is at least sixty inches long. Men also have the option of accessorizing their outfits with neckties rather than scarves.


Q5. How should a shawl man dress?


To accomplish this style, wrap a shawl or scarf over your neck so that the ends dangle down in front of you. This creates the illusion that you are wearing a choker. This creates the illusion that you're strangling yourself with a necklace. At all times, one of the ends should be kept at a length that is consistently longer than the length maintained for the other end. It is required to begin by tying a knot in the shortest segment, and then proceed to the longest segment. This is the right sequence of events. You're finished.


Q6. How do you use a shawl on a man?


Wearing a typical pair of jeans and a shirt, then wrapping a shawl around your shoulders so that it covers both your shoulders and your arms, is the next step. It is best to complete this step last. It has the potential to be functional and fashionable at the same time if you can figure out how to carry it in a way that makes it look good. At this point, all you need to do is consider how you will transport it. As long as you can carry it without experiencing any problems, this is true. The shawl can be draped over your ethnic clothing in an asymmetrical wrap pattern, which is a creative and brilliant way to achieve the desired look. This will have the desired outcome.


Q7. How do men wear shawls in winter?


Wrapping that shawl over your neck in the same way that you would wrap a scarf around your neck is one of the most appealing ways to wear it and show it off to other people. This is also one of the more practical methods to do so. You only need to make the appropriate modifications, and you'll easily be able to alter it so that both ends are the same length. Knotting a shawl around one's waist is not only one of the most on-trend ways to carry a shawl but also one of the most comfortable ways to wear one throughout the colder months. This is a fantastic technique to not only stay warm but also appear fashionable at the same time.


Q8. How do you properly wear a shawl?


The shawl is typically worn in a manner that allows it to drape over both the shoulders and the top part of the back of the neck. This is the traditional way in which it is worn. This is the typical way of wrapping the shawl around one's shoulders. Because this is the most conventional method to wear the shawl, it is often draped over the shoulders in this fashion. [Citation needed] You should be able to cover your shoulders and a piece of the top part of your arms with the shawl if you position the ends of the shawl so that they dangle equally in front of your body. If you wear the shawl in this manner, you will find that this is the case.


Q9. How do you dress a shawl?


It's possible to tie the shawl in a belt around your waist for added warmth and protection. Put the shawl over your head and fold both ends over your chest so they meet in the middle. If your shawl is too loose, try securing it with a belt around your waist. The crisscrossing into the top is another option. If you have a shawl or a blanket scarf, you can turn it into a top by crossing it in front and wrapping it around your waist. Throw the shawl over your shoulders as a starting point. Bring the tail of the fabric that's resting on your right shoulder around to the left side of your waist, and tuck it behind you. Just repeat the process on the other side. Ensure that the fabric is secured by tying both ends behind your back. Wear a tank top beneath this garment for more modesty.


Q10. Can guys wear shawls?


Men have begun to express their individuality in a manner that is both more traditional and lavish by donning premium Men's Pashmina Shawls and Men's Cashmere Scarves. These items are worn by men. Despite the fact that the trend was at first linked with women, men have started wearing luxury Men's Pashmina Shawls and Men's Cashmere Scarves. These items were formerly only worn by women. A new fashion trend that has broken many different fashion rules is men wearing pashminas over their shoulders. This style has recently gained popularity among men. This trend may be observed in the world that we live in today.


Q11. How do you wear a shawl traditionally?


It is customary to drape shawls over the shoulders and upper back. It is typically worn in that way. This style of wearing the shawl across both shoulders is the most typical. As this is the most normal manner to wear a shawl, it is usually draped over the shoulders. You should be able to use the shawl to cover your shoulders and part of the upper arms if you drape it so that both ends hang down in front of you. The most efficient approach to achieve this will turn out to be to wear the shawl in this manner.


Q12. Can men use stole?

A stole is one of the most trendy accessories that a man may wear; not only does it have the ability to give an aesthetic potential, but it also has the added plus of being practical in certain circumstances. A guy may wrap himself in a stole if he so chooses. Shawls and other types of wraps are an essential component of every wardrobe since they are the only item that can change the appearance of an outfit even after it has been worn several times. Wraps of many kinds, including shawls and other sorts, are an important component of every outfit.

Q13. What does scarf symbolize in men?


This symbolizes that the person is self-assured, that he is in command of his circumstances, and that he cares about how he comes across to other people. In addition, it shows that he is in charge of his circumstances. In addition, this provides more evidence that he is in command of the circumstances surrounding him. Furthermore, this shows that he is in command of the conditions that are surrounding him.

Q14. Can men pair a stole with a suit?

You can either drape your scarf on top and let it hang loosely or insert it underneath the suit neck. There is much to ethnic-wear for men in traditional Indian fashion, but nothing like a trendy little item of clothing to layer on with. In our collection of men's shawls and scarves, we have put together a number of statement pieces that men could layer over both a western or an Indian ensemble. From pure homegrown woollen shawls that would make you feel like a king, to signature scarves that would make you look glamorous on the milk run, this section has something for any and every occasion. A number of exquisite pashminas pepper the collection, the crown jewel of Indian textiles, the skill to produce and finish which is strictly limited to the craftspeople of Kashmir. The colour palette is unusual and distinctly masculine - solid blues and browns, varying tints and shades of grey, and generous proportions of ivory complemented by statement doses of embroidery. Some of the shawls in this section are designed to be worn to poojas and weddings, while most are versatile enough to be teamed with any and every outfit to be sported at a wide variety of occasions.