Kanji-Cotton Sari from Chennai with Zari-Woven Animals on Border and Pin-Stripes
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Handloom Pure Silk Kanjivaram Sari from Tamil Nadu with Wide Brocaded Border
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Kanjivaram Saree - The Six-Yard Elegant Beauty

Kanjivaram sarees, also known as Kanchipuram sarees, have their roots in Hindu mythology and date back over four centuries. The saree is considered one of the world's most beautiful and takes its name from its place of origin, Kanchipuram. Kanjeevaram is considered to be the South Indian equivalent of Banarasi silk sarees, thanks to the exquisite color scheme and heavy fabric used to create these captivating sarees.

The Devangas and Saligars, two of the main textile ethnic groups, migrated from Andhra Pradesh and settled in Kanchipuram, using their weaving skills to craft intricate designs inspired by the characters they saw on the shrines surrounding the village. The Pallu and margins of the Kanjivaram silk sarees are spun separately before being combined, and the pitni is another term for the random pattern that connects the two components. The saree is made of three silk strands braided with silver wiring, making it one of the most durable and toughest fabrics.

The Kanjivaram saree is distinguished by its use of two to three warps that are interwoven together with the most precise interlocking process, unlike most Indian textile styles, which are woven with a single warp. The technique used locally is called Korvai weave, which turns each saree into a masterpiece, allowing for the color play that distinguishes this style. They are available in a wide range of hues and tints, including traditional crimson and golds, as well as vibrant purple, sophisticated mauves, mellow peach, and refreshing tangerines.

Traditional Kanjivaram saree motifs, including temple margins, stripes, streaks, and floral patterns, are inspired by South Indian religious imagery and texts or natural elements like foliage, birds, and creatures. The Kanchipuram silk sarees were recognized as a Geographical Indication by the Indian government in 2006 to preserve their grandeur. A Silk Mark, similar to the hallmark placed on authentic diamonds, can be found on them to identify their authenticity.

Overall, Kanjivaram sarees are a captivating style of saree with a rich heritage and unique weaving techniques that create a durable and beautiful fabric. The intricate designs and colors make them perfect for any occasion or celebration, and they are available in a wide range of hues and tints.


Q1. What is the Kanjivaram saree known for?

The queen of silks, the Kanjivaram saree, is composed of shimmering weaves that merge contemporary and heritage.

Q2. Why are Kanjivaram sarees costly?

Kannjivaram Sarees are made of pure mulberry silk and brocade of zari, crafted by weavers descended from the Sage Markanda. These alluring sarees come in vibrant colors, intricate designs, and have a wide contrasting border. The intricate workmanship and the use of quality materials make Kanjivaram Sarees more costly than other varieties. Despite the cost, these traditional sarees continue to be cherished and are a symbol of the weavers' dedication to their craft.

Q3. Which type of saree is the best?


The Kanchipuram saree, historically manufactured by Tamil Nadu weavers, is of the greatest quality and is handwoven. Kanchipuram Silk sarees are recognized as the "Queen of Sarees" because of its sheen, durability, and sparkle from the outstanding zari work. They are a popular component of an Indian bride's trousseau and are frequently passed down through generations. They are worn by people of different ages for various celebrations and ceremonies.