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Salwar Kameez Fabric from Kullu with Kinnauri Hand-Woven Border
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Salwar Kameez Fabric from Amritsar with Aari-Embroidered Maple Leaves
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Embroidered Salwar Kameez – A Versatile and Timeless Outfit For Women

Salwar suit is a traditional form of attire in India that can never go out of trend. Today, the fashion industry has evolved a lot with a wide range of clothing options for women but the love that Indian women have for Salwar Kameez is never going to fade away. They can opt to wear it anytime and anywhere as it is extremely comfortable. Unlike the sari, the salwar kameez is easy to wear and plays the role of a convenient outfit that allows women to move freely at the workplace, during any occasion, or while they visit a temple. There is a vast variety of different styles and designs of salwar suits to choose from in the market today.

Exotic India brings an extensive collection of wool salwar kameez fabric from different parts of India such as Kashmir, Kullu, and Amritsar. These places are highly known for their high-quality fabric and exquisite designs. From the fragrant land of Kashmir comes the Cashmere wool of the local Changthangi goat. From this wool, the fine and luxurious fabric of Salwar Kameez is handwoven which is suitable to be worn during chilly winters of North India. Known for their soft texture and sophisticated appearance, these embroidered Salwar suits have become a fashion icon.

Salwar suits from Kullu (a town in Himachal Pradesh) are renowned for their simple yet elegant designs made from fine woolen fabric. They generally feature geometrical patterns on both ends and beautiful floral designs running all over. The base of a typical Kullu Salwar Kameez is mostly black, brown, or gray in color and the designs and patterns are made with bright colors such as red, blue, pink, orange, green, etc.

Amritsari Salwar Kameez is especially known for its ornate thread work that covers its significant portion. The bright and bold colors used in the embroidery work look very attractive to the eyes. This type of Salwar Suit is worn by North Indian women during special occasions such as weddings and festivals.

Exotic India showcases a range of two-piece Salwar Kameez fabrics that incorporate alluring needlework giving them an opulent look. The skilled artisans employ their unique craftsmanship and use different embroidery techniques such as Aari and Sozni to embellish the fabric. We offer you a wide array of colors and designs to choose from that matches your desired style.

Q. What are the advantages of wearing a woolen Salwar suit?

The fabric of a woolen salwar suit is thick and thus provides warmth to the body during colder seasons. It is also extremely soft and comfortable to wear on any kind of occasion.

Q. How should I care for my woolen salwar suit?

·Avoid using harsh detergents to wash the suit and hand wash it to maintain the quality of its fabric as woolen threads are delicate in nature.

· Avoid stretching the salwar suit when it is wet to avoid any damage to the fabric.

· Do not dry it directly under the sun but under the shed to avoid bleaching.

· Store your woolen salwar suit in a cool and dark place as this will prevent it from the attack of moth larvae.

Q. What are the different embroidery designs or motifs in salwar suits?

The most common motifs seen on a woolen salwar Kameez are Buta, Lahariya, Bel, Ambi, Zanjeer, Tota, Mor, Jhumkas, Gendabagh, etc. These patterns are made with different types of techniques such as fine thread and needle embroidery called Sozni, embroidery with thick thread and needle called Papier Mache, and metallic thread embroidery called Tilla.