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Short Cotton Kurti from Kashmir with Embroidered Flowers
  • Capri
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Shoulders 17.0 in. Bust 40.0 in. Length 28.0 in. Sleeve Length 21.0 in.
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Short Phiran from Kashmir with Embroidered Flowers
  • Lemonade
  • Whisper White
  • Coral And Black
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Kashmiri Robe with Aari Embroidered  Multicolored Flowers
  • Turquoise
  • Hot Pink
  • Light Lilac
  • Mauve
  • Spicy Orange
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Shoulders 16.0 in. Bust 40.0 in. Length 40.5 in. Sleeve Length 22.0 in.
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Shoulders 14.0 in. Bust 36.0 in. Length 21.0 in. Sleeve Length 12.0 in.
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Shoulders 12.0 in. Bust 30.0 in. Length 16.0 in. Sleeve Length 14.0 in.
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Long Kashmiri Silk Kaftan with Aari Embroidered Flowers
  • Marzipan
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Short Phiran from Kashmir with Hand-Embroidered Flowers
  • Ivory
  • Dazzling Blue
  • Jetblack
  • Ribbon Red
  • Eden
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Size # XL
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Long Printed Kaftan with Waist Sash
  • Fairway
  • Festival Fuchsia
  • Royal Lilac
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Size # XXL
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Size # M
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Buy Women's Ponchos, Kurtis, Skirts, Jackets & Phirans

Exotic India has an enormous selection of traditional Indian women’s clothing, all made with impeccable craftsmanship to provide beauty and comfort. Our stunning collection of women’s clothing includes cholis, dresses, jackets, kaftans, kurtis, phirans, and ponchos.


Our pieces come in every imaginable color, style, and texture. With all natural fabrics — including wool, cotton, and silk — and hand embroidered details, our traditional women’s clothing is the best place to find your next fashion.


The collection includes Kashmir jackets, typically knee-length, with dazzling designs that express cultural heritage that fits in with contemporary styles. These are statement pieces that you can build an entire outfit around.


We also offer a wide selection of kurti, an upper garment popular in India. These pieces come in simple jewel tones as well as patterns, giving you a variety of options that fit every wardrobe. These come in graceful silhouettes, once again merging traditional wear with the latest styles.


Our kaftans, a style of robe from Asia that is associated with many cultures, are beautifully adorned with hand-embroidered designs. These are flowing items, perfect for special occasions. The kaftan provides comfort and sophistication.


Also included in Exotic India’s women’s tops are phirans (also known as pherans). This is a classic garment worn by both men and women in Kashmir. Our women’s phirans are lovingly designed to provide feminine details to produce eye-catching looks.


The ladies tops available through Exotic India are stylish testaments to Indian culture. This beautiful collection is all available to you through our convenient online shopping experience.