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Goddess Durga: The Warrior Woman and the Supreme Mother Goddess

A motherly figure who is very protective of her followers and becomes militant if necessary, to destroy the evil and negative aspects of living beings; Goddess Durga which means “a fort” or “a place that is difficult to cross over” is an apt metaphor for her character.

Exotic India offers a majestic collection of Bronze Statues of Goddess Durga. Sculpted in various postures, these idols portray Goddess Durga in different moods. She is depicted as Mahishasura Mardini in one while the other portrays her as the tranquil Ashtabhujadari Durga.


Assuming a motherly protective figure, Goddess Durga, in most depictions, is portrayed as having eight-eighteen arms, holding a symbolic object in each hand. Each mudra or symbolic hand gesture is representing her teachings. She is usually shown wearing a red sari. The colour red symbolizes action. Often, Durga is depicted as riding on a lion or tiger.  She is also referred to as Triyambake (the three-eyed goddess). Her left eye represents desire, symbolized by the moon; her right eye represents action, symbolized by the sun; and her middle eye stands for knowledge, symbolized by fire.

Benefits of Worshipping Goddess Durga

According to Vastu Shashtra, Devi Durga brings prosperity, wealth and love to a family. She also eliminates miseries out of this material creation and blesses devotees to live a peaceful life. Devi Durga is the protector who awards wealth, fame, beauty, recognition, prosperity, progeny, strength and all sorts of bodily comforts.

Browse through our amazing collection of Goddess Durga sculptures to bring home happiness and stay blessed with the mercy of the celestial goddess.