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12 inch Height X 4 inch Width X 4 inch Depth
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31.00 inch Height X 21.00 inch Width X 18.00 inch Depth
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23.00 inch Height x 19.50 inch Width x 13.90 inch Depth - Stand Size13 inch Dia - Gong
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6.2 Inch Dia (Case) 5.8 inch Dia (Cymbal)
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Buddhism; a path to spiritual development and Insight into the true nature of reality.

The Vedic era introduced rigid rules and laws, including the caste system and the belief in the eternally revolving wheel of rebirth. For an average person escaping from the cycle of reincarnation was nearly impossible. One of the social responses that offered a chance of escape from being endlessly reborn was termed Buddhism.

The person who we call “the Buddha” was born around 56- b.c.e in Lumbini. After his death, his closest followers continued his teaching. But at that time there was no material expression of his teachings, that is, there was no iconography. As of the third century before our era, the figurative arts began to develop. Symbols such as the rendition of his footprints or of a throne turban such as he had worn during his princely life etc. were the only artefacts created at that time. Shortly after the beginning of our era, an image of Buddha was created.

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