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Hanuman Brass Sculptures

Panchmukhi Hanuman
13 inch X 9 inch X 7.7 inch
The Glorious Hanuman, The Jewel Of The Ramayana
26.7 inch Height x 10.7 inch Width x 5 inch Depth
Lord Hanuman, Having Ripped Off The Mount Of Sansjeevani
10.3 inch Height x 5.5 inch Width x 2.5 inch Depth
$113.25 $151.00  [ 25% off ]
Lord Hanuman in Ashirwad Mudra
16 inch Height x 11.7 inch Width X 9 inch Depth
Hanuman Ji in Ashirwad Mudra
4.7 inch Height x 2.5 inch Width x 3 inch Depth
Five-Headed Lord Hanuman
8.5" X 7.0" X 5.0"
Blessing Lord Hanuman
17.7 inch Height x 10.7 inch Width x 6.5 inch Depth


Lord Hanuman has no equal in the Hindu pantheon of deities. The most widely adored of them all, his name most frequently uttered, this loyal devotee of Lord Rama comes in a superb variety of brass sculptures in the Exotic India collection. Our brass sculptures of Lord Hanuman illustrate the most popular of His deeds as well as feature Him on exquisite ritual implements. The variety of finish and the richness of inlay our brassworks come in will serve to whet your devotion.