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Ganesha's posture in a in composed posture, lalitasana, to manifest tranquility

Resting Ganesha deities are exceedingly rare and are primarily seen in sculptures and artwork. Vinayaka Chaturthi pandals, which have been placed during the carnival, respect the reclining version of Lord Ganesha. There are several representations associated with Ganesha's Resting Idol. As per common perception, Ganesha's reclining position is excellence, luxury, pleasure, and wealth. The Reclining Ganesha isn't generally revered. It almost resembles a form of art and it can be discovered in homes, office buildings, and other public areas. It's really the perfect home home decor item, with a touch of opulence and an aristocratic aesthetic appeal. You can also grant these Ganesha idols because there is no requirement for an intricate ritual, and he will constantly be prevalent to carry in positive vibes. Ganesha is resting on a pillow in this form, and he seems to be extremely relaxed.

The Vastu significance of Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is lauded by Hindus as Vighnaharta, the destroyer of all challenges in life. As a direct consequence, every fervent Hindu has to have a Ganesha sculpture or portrait in one‘s residence. The positioning of the Ganesha sculpture is very crucial in Vastu Shastra. The Vastu tips would then aid you in accurately placing the idol to overcome problems, promote adequate health, and contribute to success and prosperity in daily existence. 

Ganesha indeed has distinct features that are all extremely crucial in one's life. One could try to emulate the Lord's virtues to carry prosperity and harmony into someone's residence.

  • Big head - Always think big and be optimistic 

  • Big ears/Small mouth - Speak very little and hear more 

  • Narrow eyes - Enhance concentration 

  • Mono tusk - Recollect the good aspects of life and ignore the negative 

  • Large trunk - Power and adaptability

  • Good wishes - Safeguard and eliminate life's impediments 

  • Big Belly - Metabolize both the positive and negative aspects in daily existence

As per Vastu Shastra, the Lord's trunk must be slanted to the left to depict achievement and life's joy. The trunk leaning to the right epitomizes the sun's strength. It is challenging to please, so when praising one such idol, one should always diligently pursue religious rituals. Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha's father, resides in the north. As an outcome, it is ideal to place your Vastu Ganesha idol looking north. The north-west and west are also financially beneficial directions. It is best to refrain from having to face south as it is bad luck. Likewise, the Vastu Ganesha portrait or the rear of the Vastu Ganesha idol must face the house's entrance door.

Vastu Shastra is remarkably vital to our lives. Regarding Vastu tips devoutly can offer harmony and wealth to the residents. Lord Ganesha acquires invincible power and authority. Following the proper Vastu doctrines is absolutely essential to providing valuable health, riches, and harmony into the residence. 

When looking to buy a Ganpati murti for one's residence, ensure it contains a modak and a mouse. This is owing to the fact that the mouse is his vahan, while the modak is his preferred treat. The mouse furthermore signifies material aspirations and our yearning consciousness. Despite its diminutive size and small teeth, the mouse can consistently gnaw and empty a farmhouse filled with grains. The analogy is that we all have a 'mouse' in the form of our desires. These desires have had the strength to devour even a huge amount of goodness inside of us.


Q1. What does reclining ganesha symbolize?

According to Vastu specialists, the reclining Ganesha symbolizes a serene and collected mannerisms and encourages a serene home environment.

Q2. Which type of Ganesha idols shouldn’t be kept at home?

Any idol in which Ganesha is depicted with Riddhi and Siddhi should not be kept at home.