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Brass Statues to Embellish your Surroundings with a Divine Beauty

Brass statues are not only renowned for their aesthetic beauty but also for the divine and positive energy that it emanates to our surroundings. At Exotic India, you can find a large collection of Brass Statues, home decors and spiritual symbols all in one place.

The multitude of idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses are sure to instil a feeling of reverence in the minds of each one of you. Statues of Lord Shiva in a variety of forms, Lord Vishnu in his different avatars and Lord Brahma in his celestial poses constitute the holy trinity.  These are accompanied by idols of Devi Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi and Devi Saraswati. The magnificent collection of various incarnations of Maa Durga is inexplicable.

In an attempt to represent scenes from the life of the historic Buddha and his numerous legendary incarnations, efforts have been made to include more than two thousand sculptures of Buddha alone, in addition to over a hundred sculptures of Bodhisattvas.

Lord Ganesha is a much-loved motif used to invoke spiritual grace and sanctity in our homes. Explore the plethora of Ganesha Brass statues we have, ranging from enormous statues standing several feet tall to smaller wall hangings.

 The alluring sculptures of Apsaras, the celestial dancers are also a much-desired element to add aesthetic beauty to your homes. Our brass statues of Apsaras are a treat to the eyes.

In addition, there are wall hangings, lamps, puja thali sets and décor items in this thoughtfully curated assortment.

This mesmerizing array of handmade brass sculptures, a symbol of intricate detailing and exquisite craftsmanship is only available at Exotic India. So brace yourself to explore the finest works and enrich your surrounding with the divine blessing. These products are sure to suit the tastes and interests of all the customers.


Q1. Which are the categories available in brass statues?

Our website has a large collection of brass statues which are categorized into 15 categories- Buddha statues, Goddesses, Ganesha, Ritual, Shiva, Large statues, Krishna, Vishnu, Hanuman, Bodhisattva, Wall hanging masks, Apsaras, Wrathful, Tribal and Masterpieces. The category of Masterpieces is a collection of hand-picked gems from our brass statues, which perfectly represent the zenith of Indian brass art.

Q2. How to clean a Brass statue?

Maintaining the luster of the brass statues and articles in your home is a must if you want to elongate their life and appearance. To start cleaning a brass statue, wipe it with a clean, damp, and soft cloth. You can buy a brass polish available in the market or use olive oil to get the original sheen of the brass statue back. Avoid using chemicals and soaps as they can take away the polish of the article. 

Q3. Do you have Jesus's Statues in brass?


Yes, we have a variety of Jesus statues made of brass on our website that includes Jesus with a cross, baby Jesus with mother Mary, and Jesus with Mary and JosephThese beautiful statues are handmade with exquisite craftsmanship and are sure to fill your house with great positivity and spiritual bliss.

Q4. Can we keep brass idols at home?


Brass is a combination of copper and zinc which takes a lustrous yellowish-gold form. This is one of those few metals prescribed by ritual experts and texts for the making of idols, of gods and goddesses as well as other beings. You can keep these brass idols at your home to experience the divinity of brass.

Q5. Can a brass statue be kept outside?


Brass is one of those metals which do not rust or decay even when kept outdoors, for a long time. You can keep a brass statue outside, in your garden, patio, or roof to add a classical aesthetic to your outdoors. Clean the brass statue kept outside regularly to ensure that it retains its yellowish luster. 


Q6. Which place is famous for brass idols?


Muradabad or Moradabad located in Uttar Pradesh is popularly known as the Brass City of India (पीतल नगरी) in the art world. Brass idols produced in Muradabad travel to faraway locations including Britain, Germany, the U.S.A., and the Middle East. Glistening brassware from this city along with several other locations in India is the reason for the fame of Indian brass idols and brass works.

Q7. Does Brass Turn Green? If So, What Can Be Done to Fix It?


Brass idols and articles turn green as a reaction of copper content with the air and moisture that surrounds them. This green layer on your brassware is called patina and it can be avoided simply by regularly cleaning the surface of the brass article. To clean this patina from the brass you can use lemon juice and salt mixture and rub the surface with it. If you want a stronger cleansing of the brass, you can also use salt, vinegar, and flour or brass cleaning mixtures available in the market. Always read the chemical content of the polish and cleansers to avoid harming the natural state of brass. 


Q8. How Long The Brass Statues Can Last?


Brass is preferred by Indian metalworkers due to its excellent durability which allows brass statues to last for thousands of years without almost no damage to their beautiful appearance. With regular maintenance, you can ensure that your favorite brass statues become the family heirloom for your household for generations to come. 


Q9. Can we use Brass idols as outdoor statues?


Brass statues possess great aesthetic beauty and are resistant to decay caused by natural and human-made environments. This is why brass idols can be used as outdoor statues, and in decorating your lawns, halls, or roof. Regular upkeep and cleaning of brass idols will give them a timeless shine which will be even more appealing in natural, outdoor settings.

Q10. What is Brass?

Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc and is similar to Bronze in its appearance. It has been a popular material for various purposes. Due to its bright and gold-like appearance and durable nature, it is commonly used in making elegant sculptures and statues. As a substitute for copper, it is also used in making fashion jewelry and other imitation jewelry.

Q11. Can a Brass statue be kept outside?

Brass is a hard metal and is highly durable in nature. It can withstand harsh weather conditions i.e. it is highly corrosion-resistant. Due to this reason, Brass statues can be kept outside and they can still maintain their brilliant shine and luster. They require minimum care but periodic cleaning or dusting of the statues is required to avoid the accumulation of dust over them.

Q12. What is Panchalogam?


(Five metals) as the name indicates consists of five metals. Panchaloha idols are found in many Hindu temples in India, especially in South India. Panchaloha consists of Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper, and Iron.


The percentage of metals used is 4 portions of silver, 1 portion of gold, 8 portions of brass, 8 portions of copper, and a small quantity of iron. This percentage is only to give a general idea and might vary from region to region.


Panchalogam is a bronze alloy of 5 metals used since ancient times in India for Hindu and other statutory items.


Today, the main constituent in the Panchaloha idol is copper, brass, and lead.


Panchalogam Idols are widely found in Tamilnadu, a southern state of India. Historically, most of the idols in ancient temples were made of Panchalogam