Kullu Palla Men's Shawl with Kinnauri Woven Border in Multicolor Thread

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A must-have in winters, this shawl will keep you warm and cosy. It can be draped around your shoulders or head to protect you from cold winds or add some style to your attire. You can also wrap it around yourself while sitting on a couch and reading a book. Kullu Palla is a shawl that is made out of wool and cotton. It is designed traditionally by Kashmiri weavers. The uniqueness of this product lies in its design, and it can be worn on any occasion like a wedding, party or official meetings etc.

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Pure Wool
Dimensions 8.3 ft x 4.3 ft
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The mix-match of the black and white colour brings out the ultimate look and warm feel. The design comes from Himachal Pradesh's Kinnauri region, known for its beautiful geometric designs. The shawls are made of 100% wool and handwoven by the local community of the Himalayan regions. The borders are created with interwoven multi-colour threads beautifully.

How are Kullu shawls made?

Kullu shawls are renowned across the world for their simple yet elegant designs. These shawls exhibit the artistic skills and creativity of the craftsmen of Kullu, a district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Made of fine woolen fabric, a kullu shawl is worn both by men and women. However, men’s shawls are called Loi or pattu and are mostly plain, bereft of any pattern or design. Kullu shawls feature geometrical patterns on both ends and beautiful floral designs may run all over. The base of a typical Kullu shawl is mostly black, brown, or gray in color and the designs and patterns are made with bright colors such as red, blue, pink, orange, green, etc. Each design may have up to eight colors. With the increasing demands of customers from different parts of the world, the craftsmen of Kullu have now started using even pastel colors for the base. This makes these shawls appear eye-catching and suitable for wearing on special occasions such as weddings and festivals. Kullu shawls are mostly made of three types of wool i.e. Merino wool, Local sheep wool, and Angora wool. Sometimes these different types of wool are combined to form more varieties. They are also crafted in Yak’s wool, Pashmina, and other handcrafted material.

The process of crafting a Kullu shawl is time-consuming and requires excellent skills. The tradition of making these shawls has been followed by the local people of Kullu for many decades and the skills are passed down from one generation to another. Let us look at the steps involved in this elaborate process.

1. Selection of Wool

A fine variety of wool is the most important raw material for producing Kullu shawls. The selection of wool for weaving depends on the type of designs or patterns and the texture required.

2. Preparing yarn

After the selection of high-quality wool, it is allowed to spin as a thread on a spinning wheel. The extracted yarn is then wounded into a bundle.

3. Weaving

The woolen threads are loaded onto the spindles that are inserted into a fly shuttle. Multiple colored yarns are combined together and added to the shuttle. The local artisans of Kullu still use the traditional method of weaving on the pit and frame loom. The loom is geared up and the weaving is completed.

4. Embroidering

Once the weaving process is done, a fine fabric is obtained and now the artisans begin fabricating traditional designs (geometrical shapes and floral motifs) by hand using bright-colored threads.

5. Finishing

After the embroidery is done on the shawl, it is made ready to be put for sale purposes. This is the last step of the making process in which extra threads from behind are cut and removed for giving it a finished and flawless look.
These handmade Kullu shawls have admirers from all over the world and their cost depends on the variety of wool used, the type of design fabricated, and other factors. The price usually ranges from Rs. 1000 to 10,000. Despite their expensive cost, people love to wear these shawls because the designs are elegant and the warmth of the wool is comforting.
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