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Tibetan Preaching Buddha Perched on a Lotus

Tibetan Preaching Buddha Perched on a Lotus
Item Code: ZEO750
Wood Statue
18.50 inch Height X 11.00 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth
3.76 Kg.

Lord Buddha is worshipped popularly by the people of Tibet and is the root of starting ‘Buddhism’ as a religion. Shakyamuni Buddha was born as a prince in the Shakya clan but at a very early age, he left his riches and all the material aspects of the society to follow the path of enlightenment. Gautama Buddha was the first to attain Buddhahood, so his teachings are like a word of nectar for the followers of Buddhism. This Buddha wooden statue depicts him in his preaching posture with the left hand in front of his chest, palm facing upwards and right hand held up in vitarka mudra forming the wheel of law. This sculpture is formed out of the finest quality wood having a unique reddish black touch to it. This dual shade tone wooden sculpture enhances the beauty and highlights the expressions of lord Buddha.

Buddha is perched on a dual lotus pedestal with each petal highlighted with finite chisels. Carver’s professional skills and creativity can be assessed by the way the sculptor has given shape to Buddha’s robe forming realistic pleats and draped in its usual style. The shine, smoothness, sharp curves and realistic postures of the body remind us of the laborious time, patience and marvellous skills of the sculptor while carving out this wooden Buddha sculpture.

Zoom in to the facial features of Buddha; depicted in half open eyes showing that the mind is awake and turned inwards, long slender nose and delicate smiling lips. The sun aureole behind his head marks his divinely aura. The tiny curls of his hair are basically the positioning of 108 snails wo settled on his head while Buddha was in his trance of meditation to protect him from all types of extreme weather conditions. This Buddha wooden sculpture is a beautiful artefact to decorate your house or office corners.

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