Superfine Large Buddha Head (Tibetan Buddhist)

Superfine Large Buddha Head (Tibetan Buddhist)


The teachings of Lord Buddha form the basis of Buddhist tradition. Buddha literally means ‘awakened’ who conferred the path to nirvana. This large chocolate shaded wooden Buddha head is an alluring statue that can beautifully ornament the entrance of your hotel or office receptions. A Buddha head is opined to be a symbol of confidence, compassion, knowledge and good luck. The most distinctive aspect of this large sculpture is the sharp yet smooth curves forming realistic facial features; sharp pointed nose, large albatross eyes and perfect curve of the lips highlight Buddha’s current state of meditation. The long earlobes signify him to be born in a rich Shakya clan as a prince.

Buddha head rests on a stylized pedestal surrounded by a layer of thin and long petals at the circumference. It is one of the most sought after collection objects. As you zoom in to the image, you will realize that just by observing the natural calm and composed gaze and the serene expression of Buddha, one may attain inner composure, personal well being and a path to unravel mysteries.

Buddha’s hair are amazingly coiled forming a matted shape identifying his years of untiring meditation. Buddha’s head remains the focal point of his entire body, as it holds the secret to all elusive methodology for the attainment of enlightenment. Exotic India feels glad to be able to make you avail this superfine large Buddha head statue in the best possible price.

Item Code: ZEO006
Wood Statue
40.00 inch Height X 23.00 inch Width x 21.00 inch Depth
68.4 kg
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