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The Magnificence Of Devi Lakshmi

The Magnificence Of Devi Lakshmi
(Rated 5.0)

A gorgeous Devi Lakshmi sculpted from teakwood. Seated in lalitasana upon a wide-set lotus-throne, She is instantly recognisable from the lotus-buds She holds in Her posterior hands. The chaturbhujadharini (the one possessed of four arms) raises the right anterior hand in blessing and the left anterior in the abhaya (fearlessness) mudra. Her lissome legs are gathered around a throne that comprises a lotus within a lotus, with each crease on each petal carved with lifelike detail.

She is the wife of Lord Vishnu, who is responsible for the preservation process, and the presiding deity over wealth and resources. As such, She is indispensable to Him. She blesses you with plenitude with Her very presence. She is the eternally loving and giving matridevi (‘matri’ is the Sanskrt word for mother), an intangible quality that has been introduced in the composure of Her countenance and the overall language of Her body. With a density of shringar that befits Her status as the queen of paraloka (otherworldly realm of existence), a Devi Lakshmi murti as fine as this one is sure to add to the aesthetics of your space.

Zoom in on that superbly carved face and the meticulously executed proportion of its features. The Devi’s gaze is directed straight into the heart of Her devotees. It is framed by danglers on Her earlobes and a magnificent crown upon Her brow. A network of wildly growing vine flanks Her face in perfect symmetry, making for an unusual halo.

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Item Code: ZEO753
Teak Wood Statue from South India
24.00 inch Height X 15.20 inch Width x 8.00 inch Depth
9.17 Kg.

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