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Superfine Goddess Durga with Marvellous Arch

Superfine Goddess Durga with Marvellous Arch

Goddess Durga is an embodiment of the way an ideal woman should be; she represents supreme woman power or nari shakti who is bold, courageous and fights against evil. It is said that she received features from each and every god, face from Shiva, arms from Vishnu and feet from Brahma to fight against the demon king Mahishasura, thus she is also named as Mahishasura Mardini. This bronze statue is carved out by expert artisans of Bangalore in perfect shapes and smooth chisels. The pedestal is carved in multiple layers, with each layer chiselled in a unique pattern forming a trapezium at the base, followed by a rectangular block.

Ma Durga sits in lalitasana on her mount, the ferocious lion, decked up with alluring jewels, a smooth flowing pleated dhoti and a fitted blouse as her garbs. While sitting on a lion, she represents the heroic prowess and the sculptor has very finely shaped the features of the lion; position of his four legs represents his movement with the dense hair and raging eyes sculpted in realistic manners. The Goddess grants a boon of fearlessness to her devotees with her right hand and the other seven hands carry her iconic weapons- discuss, trident, sword, spear, shield, mace and a conch, to demolish the evil for preserving mankind.

The fine lines of her face expressions and the long sun haloed South Indian styled crown complements with the marvellous beauty of the large Kirtimukha arch behind her. Zoom in to carefully observe the triple layered arch as the backdrop, carved in a complex yet charming ethnic pattern, giving hints of a floral and coiled design; the innermost layer is highly coiled in an elegant fashion, following it are the long flower petals and the thin outermost layer is designed in an elegant style complying with the entire design of the arch. This entire backdrop rests on the heads of two baby lions, standing on either side at the bottom.

Item Code: ZEN825
Bronze Statue from Bangalore
18.30 inch Height X 12.80 inch Width x 7.00 inch Depth
15.30 Kg.

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