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Superfine Garuda in Namaskaram Mudra

Superfine Garuda in Namaskaram Mudra

Garuda is said to be the devourer of all the evils on earth; it is an immortal mythological bird revered by Hindus and Buddhists alike. This king of birds is the vahana of Lord Vishnu and is said to exterminate the entire oceans full of snakes. In Mahabharata he is invoked as a symbol of impetuous force, speed and martial prowess. This statue shown here is carved out of superfine teak wood by expert artists from South India. Its superb stability, strength, resistance to decay and shine enhances the beauty of the sculpture.

In Hindu tradition, Garuda is depicted in an iconography of a mix of man and bird; he has the torso and arms of a strong man and the long glimmering feathers that spread out from behind his back, are like that of an eagle. Have a look at the stylishly chiselled feathers in beautiful layers and the uniquely styled long nose symbolizing the beak of the eagle. He sits here with one knee down on a sleek and long double lotus pedestal carved in alluring patterns. Garuda is either shown as carrying Vishnu’s emblems or when his hands are empty, they are held in Anjali mudra, as shown in this statue, paying obeisance to the deities.

He is garbed here in a short dhoti having horizontal creases all around and his various adornments including long beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets are rendered from serpents. The long flower haloed crown is carved densely in a distinctive styled pattern. The calmness of his eyes and the delicate smile highlights the generosity in his deeds.

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Item Code: ZEN815
Teak Wood Statue from South India
17.00 inch Height X 9.20 inch Width x 9.00 inch Depth
2.14 Kg.

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