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Lord Krishna With A Staff And An Unusual Crown

Lord Krishna With A Staff And An Unusual Crown
(Rated 5.0)

The pale monotone characteristic of cedarwood. A staff-wielding standing Lord Krishna iconography, as opposed to the traditional tribhanga murari figure. An unconventional, stylised crown with a tassel dangling flirtatiously down the right. This murti of Lord Krishna would be an unusual addition to the home or office temple of any devotee. It is a one-of-a-kind sculpture, finished with a remarkable degree of hyper-realistic detail.

The anklet-clad feet of Lord Krishna, each digit sculpted in slender proportion. Poised on the soft belly of the hemispherical section of a lotus. An engraved pedestal below of the same hemispherical shape. The jaunty stance of long legs, their musculature fairly deducible from under the silken folds of the dhoti. An angavastram wound around His arms, one of which is placed on the hip while the other clasps a slender staff. A garland of freshly plucked and strung roses, setting off layers upon layers of gold necklaces underneath.

The youthful, irresistibly handsome face of the Vrindavan cowherd. His ample tresses are gathered behind a thick band of gold. A halo with serrated edges adds to the divine glamour of that sharp-featured face, the composure one of omniscience and bliss infinite. A vaishnava tilaka between the brows, eyes the shape of almonds, and ears and nose and mouth carved with utmost intricacy and precision of handiwork.

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Item Code: ZEO754
Cedar Wood from Trivandrum (Kerala)
27.00 inch Height X 13.00 inch Width x 5.00 inch Depth
4.46 Kg.

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