Small 7" Shiva's Trident / Trishul | Brass Statue | Handmade | Made In India

Small 7" Shiva's Trident / Trishul | Brass Statue | Handmade | Made In India

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Trident is a very auspicious weapon that has been associated with many deities in Hinduism. However, it is Shiva who gives the trident a different meaning and significance. Most ancient Shiva temples have a firm trident placed near the entrance of the temple. It conveys a sense of purity and protection. No form of Shiva is generally depicted without a trident.

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7.5 inch Height x 2 inch Width x 1.5 inch Depth
120 gm

Rather than the physical aspect, a Trident carries much deeper symbolism rooted in Hindu philosophy. Trident is known as "Trishul" in Sanskrit. 'Tri' means three and 'Shul' means spear, so a trident means three-headed spear. The number three holds much significance in the spiritual realm of Hinduism. It represents the three states of consciousness, that is Jagriti (waking), Swapna (dreaming), and Susupti (deep sleep). Shiva, holding the trident symbolises that he is beyond all three states. The three heads of trident also symbolise Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, the three Pranic (subtle energy) channels of the body.

This beautifully crafted brass trident conveys the very essence of what a trident stands for. Firmly placed upon a square base, the trident also sports a Damru (a musical instrument), further symbolising its association with Lord Shiva. The trident is delicately crafted and has a magnificent finishing, making it a perfect sculpture to own.

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