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Shri Rama Durbar

Shri Rama Durbar
Maryada Purushottam Rama has been the 18th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. When Rama returned to Ayodhya with Sita, Lakshaman and his foremost Sevak-bhakt Hanuman after killing Ravana & effecting his 14yr-Vanwas, his Rajyabhishek was solemnized and crowned as the Maharaja of Ayodhya. According to Ramayana and other Hindu Granthas, Ramarajya has been acknowledged as the greatest & the best-ruled era. Ram and his every relation teaches us the maryadit behavior between raja-Praja, parent - son, spouses, brothers, guru-shisya, saas-bahu, and all other socio-human-relationships. The human body is an Ayodhya –where only Ramrajya exists, no place for a war.When expectations (Golden-deer) enters in the mind( Sita), desires & cravings ( Ravana) take control of the mind (Sita), with the help of intellectual management ( Hanuman) & devoted selfless service ( Lakshaman ), Sita ( mind ) is safely brought back to Rama (Peace-Within).

These mesmerising brass statues of SriRam – Lakshman- Janki & Bhakt Hanuman are in its complete aesthetic visuals. Standing on splendid podiums, both Sri Ram & Maa Sita are in blessing pose, Sri Lakshman in awareness status adorned are grand Dhanushas in hands and edgy arrows in tarkash on the rears of Sri Ram-Lakshman. Ardent bhakt-Shiromani Hanuman seated in the Vajrasan –cum-salutation posture on the podium.

The awesome Kiritkundals- mukuts & tilaks on the foreheads look amazing. Ram –Lakshman are in vibrant royal angavastras with long fabulous dupattas(pittambars) and sacred janeu ( yagyopavit) hanging across their shoulders. Sita Mata is gorgeous in beautiful saree. All the divinities are bejeweled with fabulous ornaments & garlands. There is an inconceivable hola ( prabhamandal) around beautiful, handsome faces. Thrilled! You are lost with this artistic indescribable wonder and getting a set of Ram Durbar to make your home an Ayodhya.

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Item Code: ZCJ39
Brass Statue
16 kg

Rama-17.5 inch Height x 4.5 inch Width x 4.5 inch Depth
Lakshman-17.5 x 4.5 x inch Width x 4.5 inch Depth
Sita-15.5 x inch Height x 4.5 inch Width x 4.5 inch Depth
Hanuman-8.3 inch Height x 4.5 inch Width x 4.5 inch Depth

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