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Shri Patanjali, Father Of Raja Yoga

Shri Patanjali, Father Of Raja Yoga
Maharshi Patanjali dwells deep in the hearts of all who practise raja yoga. It is the eight-limbed yoga that is fit for kings (raja). Of those eight limbs, asana, pranayama, and dhyana (meditation) are what most of us know as the entirety of yoga. Contrary to popular belief, the sage Patanjali was not the founder of yoga. He is responsible for having collated all the prevailing knowledge of yoga in His times and compiling them into a series of sootras, the famous Patanjalayogasootras.

Legend has it that the Maharshi Caraka had emerged from the seat (pata) of effulgence (anjali), reborn to carry out this noble task. In the body of a snake, Maharshi Patanjali nurtured one of the most brilliant minds of his time. As could be seen in this handpicked Swamimalai bronze, His brow is serrated with lines of wisdom and His earlobes dangle with the weight of His kundalas. His half-snake form is symbolic of the kundalini-jagarana, which is the goal and journey of advanced raja yoga. The colour, a soft powdery gold, is characteristic of South Indian bronze art.

The coils of His serpentine body gather atop the traditional lotus pedestal. It comprises of two layers of engraved petals and a circular platform on top. His hands are in the namaskaram mudra, which is a courtesy to the prevalent divine.

Item Code: ZEM270
Panchaloha Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
9.00 inch Height x 3.70 inch Width x 3.70 inch Depth
1.7 Kg.

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