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Shiva Linga Carved in Stone

Shiva Linga Carved in Stone

Shiva Linga is an ancient emblem of Shiva, meaning auspiciousness, Hence Shiva Linga means an emblem of auspiciousness representing Shiva's power. It is a symbol revered in temples, shrines or as self manifested natural objects. It is made of good quality black stone with supreme perfection and sharpness. It is said, that ‘if there is smoke, there is fire’, where linga represents the smoke.

Linga is of two pieces: disc shaped thick pedestal called yoni and the other is proper linga. This linga also divides into three parts: lower part is square, called Brahmabhaga, buried under the ground. Middle is octagonal, represents Vishnu, hence called Visnubhaga, encased inside the pedestal. The last and topmost cylindrical part is called Rudrabhaga, the part that is worshipped and is above the ground level. The pedestal also is very beautifully carved with wavy lines and patterns.

Its beauty lies in its presence and the way it is sculpted. Its shiny black stone is a great medium of attraction; the creativity and sharpness are worth purchasing. The rare thing is that it is made out of a single stone.

Ships in 1-3 days
Item Code: ZEM200
Black Marble Statue
6.50 inch Height x 11.00 inch Width x 7.50 inch Depth
6.0 Kg.

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