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The Serenity Of Devi Durga

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The Serenity Of Devi Durga
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Devi Durga is a rare confluence. She has the traditional iconography of the fair Hindu Devi, coupled with a wrathful personality. While She is associated with great ferocity and invincibility, this marble composition depicts the serene solitary side of Lord Shiva’s wife. She is simhavahini (simha is Sanskrit for lion, vahini for rider), seated in lalitasana on the back of Her roaring steed, who looks ready to pounce on the first asura in sight. Her weapons are intact in seven of Her eight arms (She is ashtabhujadhari, or eight-armed, Devi), but the right anterior hand is raised in blessing over Her devotees. Note the precision and attention to detail with which the fingers and toes have been carved by the artisan.

She is clad in a peach sari draped in contemporary North Indian style, over a pastel green blouse. Gold necklaces descend from Her long neck, and gather over the kamarband clasped around Her small waist. The crown on Her gentle head is studded with the finest rubies and emeralds, from the rim of which cascades dense black tresses. A dual-rim halo with jagged bits of gold could be seen around Her crowned head. She looks over Her devotees with Her large, long-lashed eyes. A composure of supreme grace and benevolence characterises Her countenance.

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Item Code: ZEN581
White Marble Statue
12.50 inch Height X 10.50 inch Width x 3.50 inch Depth
6.70 Kg.
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