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Samadhi Buddha - Tibetan Buddhist

Natural Brass
Black Green Gold
Bronze Hue
Brown Gold
Double Chola
Green Chola
Samadhi Buddha - Tibetan Buddhist
A profoundly quiet Buddha lends His touch (‘sparsha’) to the earth (‘bhoomi’) beneath Him. Upon the outward-turned palm of the other hand He bears a cup of the omnipotent healing fluid, within the lap of the padmasana. His padmasana is flawless - the knees and hips form a plane trifecta, the heels are gathered next to each other directly below the navel, and the soles of His feet are facing skyward. With the bhoomisparsha mudra He calls upon Mother Earth to witness His moment of Enlightenment.

A one-shouldered robe clothes the fine princely form of the Buddha. His ample hair is coiled upon His head, wrought into miniscule curls, each of which is sculpted with minute attention to detail and precision. From the singular angle of the neck, the Buddha seems to be looking downwards. Yet the closed lids of His large eyes and the wisdom of the stance of His mouth are indicative of a focus turned deeply inward. A monotone composition with undertones of white and the occasional gold.

Item Code: ZDC10
Brass Statue
4.4 inch Height x 3 inch Width x 1.7 inch Depth
0.4 kg

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