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Richly Coloured Wooden Panel Of Six Ganesha Figurines

Richly Coloured Wooden Panel Of Six Ganesha Figurines
An ornate panel of six Lord Ganesha forms. Of identical stance, each of them is clad in a different coloured dhoti and the crowns are clearly distinguished in terms of embellishment. The figure in the middle of the upper panel is the only one that is not sitting on a lotus throne. A gigantic green mouse, upholstered in gold and velvet, is His asana (seat). The mouse is the vahana (divine ride) of Lord Ganesha and, like the laddoo, His favourite Indian sweetmeat, is an integral part of His iconography. As for the laddoo, the same is to be found in four of the six Lord ganesha murtis contained within this dual-layered panel. The ones to the right do not bear any - the figure on the upper panel rests the hand on a knee, while the one on the lower panel shows forth the palm. Each of the Ganesha figurines are carved against a solid-coloured backdrop of deep pastels such as red, blue, and green.

The spaces between the figures are filled in with temple pillars sculpted after the style of ancient South Indian temple architecture. The two horizontal panels are flanked by vertical panels carved with mythical birds. Gold-tailed and silver-breasted, the rich hues of their plumage are a sight to behold. Across the top and the bottom of the composition are a traditional templetop and a lotus pedestal with a flower in the midline, respectively. Intricate, lotus-shaped engravings are to be found on each corner of this square wooden panel.

Item Code: ZEO033
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
36.00 inch Height X 36.00 inch Width x 3.20 inch Depth
26.00 Kg.

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