Parshvanatha (Jain Tirthankara)

Parshvanatha (Jain Tirthankara)


Tirthankar is an ordinary soul born as human; he is the saviour and a spiritual teacher who leads us to the path of dharma (righteousness). As per Jainism, he is identified as the founder of a tirtha, which means a fordable passage across the son of interminable births and deaths, also called samsara. There are about twenty four Tirthankaras of Jainism who have gained huge inner strength and positivity by their pure infinite knowledge; sculpted here in a smooth and shiny texture out of a single piece of white marble.

Shown here is Parshvanatha, who was the twenty third Tirthankara of Jainism and was the earliest to be acknowledged as a historical figure; sits here in padmasana (lotus posture) in his meditation with the right hand overlapping the left while facing upwards on his laps; he does not have distinctive facial expressions, attires or hairstyles, rather he is identified by a seven hooded serpent crown on his head, crafted here in extreme neatness and realism with the long tail that falls smoothly at the back.

Parshvanatha was the earliest exponent of Karma philosophy and was free of inner passions and personal desires. Sculptor has very pragmatically iconographied this Tirthankara with broad shoulders and narrow waist, an identifiable emblem on his chest, extremely elongated ears suggesting the heavy earrings he wore in his early life before taking the path to enlightenment.

Item Code: ZDF51
White Marble Statue
5.3 inch Height x 2.9 inch Width x 1.4 inch Depth
220 gm
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