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Pair Of Peacocks In Complementary Colours

Pair Of Peacocks In Complementary Colours
A life-sized pair of peacocks, straight from the recesses of an ancient South Indian temple. Sculpted from wood and finished with bold and vibrant colours, this unusual work of art would be sure to add to the beauty of your home decor. These silver-breasted birds are carved in perfect symmetry to each other, their feet bedecked in bangles of gold and rubies. Matching adornments of gold grace the breast of the left, while rubies are to be found on the bird to the right.

Note how the colours on the plumage of each peacock matches the hues on the lotus petals of their respective pedestals. To the left, one sees a plethora of vibrant scarlets and greens and blues. To the right, the colours are clearly denser and go well with the matte silver of the bird’s body. Both the plumage have been finished with considerable finesse and attention to detail, which one may fully appreciate by zooming in on the same. While the majority of the plumage rises graciously in the air behind each peacock, a stretch of those delicate feathers touches the pedestal beneath their posteriors, adding visual balance to the drama of the composition.

The soft brown of the pedestals sets off the colours in the plumage of the birds as well as in the lotus petals along the sides. While the colour palette of the individual birds may be similar, the tones are markedly different and complement each other.

Item Code: ZEO223
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
43.00 inch Height X 42.00 inch Width x 17.80 inch Depth - each
80.00 Kg. (Combined Weight)

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