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The Naked Splendour Of Devi Kali

The Naked Splendour Of Devi Kali
The history of wood carving in India goes back to the same time as stone carving. Traditionally used for the iconography of vahanas and bhaktas like Garuda, Hanuman, swans, peacocks, and horses, wood is a highly evolved medium today. The fact that the rainforests of India are home to a wide range of woods, each with its own unique grain and strength, explains the same. The sculpture that you see on this page is made from teakwood and depicts Devi Kali in Her naked splendour.

Her tall, curvaceous form is clad in little more than a set of divine adornments. Necklaces, one of them streaming between Her breasts, and kundalas (danglers) framing a wise yet youthful face; amulets, wristlets, and anklets; and an engraved girdle that holds a very short dhoti and a bunch of silken sashes in place. The majority of length of Her legs and the entirety of Her upper form are bare, a symbol of Her uninhibited ferocity and wrath over adharma. The lifelike composure of countenance adds to the ethos of this work of art. A leaf-shaped halo with a corrugated surface and a serrated silhouette, designed to conform to the angle of Her neck.

The traditional double-lotus pedestal supports the ashtabhujadharini (the one possessed of eight arms). The anterior hands wield a miniature trishoola (trident) and a skullcup, indicative of the Tantric associations of both Her husband, Shiva, and Herself. The finesse of the engravings and the dark, earthy monotone finish add to the mood of the composition.

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Item Code: ZEO748
Teak Wood Statue from South India
22.00 inch Height X 13.00 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth
2.17 Kg.

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