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The Medicine Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)

The Medicine Buddha (Tibetan Buddhist Deity)
Amazingly, the words “medication” and “meditation” are only one letter different. In the West, the medical focus is on the external—curing of physical symptoms, while Eastern traditions focus more on the internal - addressing the mental causes of illness. Fortunately, one can access the best of both worlds at this time. Medicine Buddha meditation is a healing practice treasured by many in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. A bodhisattva, Medicine Buddha, who made twelve vows about how he would help living beings after attaining enlightenment. He is also regarded as the Buddha of the eastern pure land of Vaiduryanirbhasaor Pure Lapis Lazuli ’. The holistic healing of mind and body was an important focus of his vows to help eradicate pain, disease, and disabilities of all kinds.

This gorgeous Brass statue of Medicine Buddha depicting him seated comfortably on a brilliantly casted & carved, inlaid lotus petal pedestal in padmasana (Dhyanasana) the soles of both the feet facing upwards. Holding a Lapis Lazuli colored jar of medicine in his left hand placed in the lap with the palm upward symbolizing meditative stability. His right-hand holds the stem of the Aruna fruit or Myrobalan (a medicine plant) between thumb and forefinger which rests on his right knee. The right hand symbolizes the eradication of suffering.

Veiled in a deep- blue colored royal robe with a thick yellow border along with a parallel border inlaid with vibrant green- maroon beads covering both the shoulders and not the chest area and a japmala in the neck. Like other statues, Medicine Buddha also holds Ushnisha on the head and has elongated earlobes. A fabulous artifact full of aesthetic versions and having enormous healing capacity, this statue is a must in your prayer room.

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Item Code: ZEL58
Brass Statue
12.7 inch Height x 8.2 inch Width x 5.7 inch Depth
4.3 kg

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