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A Majestic, Calm Disdain (For All Things Material)

Three Tone
Amazing Red Chola
Double Chola
Henna Touch
Natural Brass
New Yellow
Silver Brown
Silver Gold
A Majestic, Calm Disdain (For All Things Material)
Surrounded by an arch set with flames, Lord Shiva king of dancers, reveals himself. The arch is the arch of nature; each flame flares up with the fire that is on earth, in the sky. The prostrate shape of apasmara purusha, the demon of forgetfulness, looks up to the dancing god to whose right foot, he gives support. Bent at the ankle and knee, the right leg is a stroke of lightening shooting from the hips, whereas the bent leg cuts across space and let flow its movement into the curves of the foot held aloft, a symbol of liberation. Body, head and crown face forward. With raised chin and sturdy shoulders, the front left arm carries the hand across space and the main right hand rises with the gesture of fearlessness.

Between the rattle drum and flame in the hands of the upper arms bent at the elbows rises the Nataraja's head. The majesty of its face carries a calm disdain for all things material. A snake emerges out from the right shoulder. The young, slender body of the god, full of unearthly power soars in perpetual motion and eternal stasis within the tiruvasi, the arch of nature.

Item Code: XZ67
Brass Statue
21.5 inch X 15 inch X 4.5 inch
8 kg

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