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The Lithe Tribhanga Murari Lord Krishna

The Lithe Tribhanga Murari Lord Krishna
A widely adored deity fashioned from an age-old, highly venerated medium. Lord Krishna is the most popular of the dashavataras of Lord Vishnu. A cowherd from Vrindavan, a charmer of innocent cows and milkmaids (gopiya) alike. In this solemn bronze composition, He is in His tribhanga murari roopa (form), so-called because the body of the divine flute-player (murari) justs out (‘bhanga’) at three (‘tri’) different junctures, namely the shoulder, the hip, and the ankle.

South India is home to India’s rich bronze sculptural tradition. Under the patronage of first the rulers of the Chola dynasty, followed by those of the Pallava dynasty, Indian bronzes evolved to a particular style in terms of both theme and aesthetic finish. The composition that you see on this page is a fine example of the same. A devotional Lord Krishna iconography replete with a world of details to be found only in contemporary Swamimalai bronzes and undertones of moss and gold.

A multi-tiered pedestal with distinctively carved lotus petals. The finely sculpted, lifelike digits on both the feet and hands of the Lord. Slender limbs and an elongated torso to match. Immaculate adornments, fit for a divine being. An angular face set with the handsomest of features. Finally, a crown that is reminiscent of ancient templetops of the South.

Item Code: ZDA64
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
20.3 inch Height x 8.4 inch Width x 7 inch Depth
7.7 kg

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