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Lady Picking Thorn from Her Feet

Lady Picking Thorn from Her Feet

A woman personifies delicacy, beauty and brightness just like a rose flower that blooms while swaying its fragrance. This sculpture of an elegant lady picking out a thorn from her left foot, which might have struck her while she was walking in the flower garden enjoying nature, indicates us to a popular saying, ‘a rose among the thorns’. It means that the lady is the beautiful rose and thorn reflects the unwanted peculiarities and insignificant objects that need to be pulled out to avoid pains.

If you look carefully at the intense expressions on her face, you may feel her inner pain and sufferings that she might be going through. Garbed in wonderous drapes of a half open top and a mesmerizingly carved dhoti attached with a luxurious kamarband. The fashioned clothes, style of her jewels and majorly her exclusive high raised and back stretched crown of floral patches gives us an idea of she being a tribal woman in extreme beauty.

The sculptor has thoughtfully depicted the lady’s inner emotions by moulding the beauty on a realistic inverted lotus pedestal in a deep action of picking thorn out of her delicate self.

Item Code: XD67
Brass Sculpture
13 inch X 7.5 inch X 4.3 inch
4 kg

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