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Haloed Krishna, The Tribhanga Murari, Plays On The Flute

Natural Brass
Indian Cocoa
Haloed Krishna, The Tribhanga Murari, Plays On The Flute
Krishna is the most popular subject of choice for artistes in India. The predominant deity to be featured in paintings and sculptors, it is because He is to most Hindus the superlative of all Indian deities. He is portrayed as the most handsome of youths, the calmest and wisest of minds to have descended on ihloka (our actual realm of existence), and the most divine of all flutists. The stance that He has adopted in this murti is how His devotees love to picture Him - He is the tribhanga murari, the flutist (murari) whose form is punctuated (bhang) in three (tri) places namely the shoulder, the hip, and the ankle. The features of His countenance have been painstakingly engraved to convey a composure of divine calm and wisdom.

Sculpted from brass, which is a popular medium for art of a devotional-spiritual nature, this Krishna murti comes in two select finish variations, each of which has been curated for our collection because of its elegance. The natural brass variation has been tastefully polished to project a series of shadows at strategic points on the Lord's physique, while the bronze-like cocoa finish is an intense brown colour that draws the onlooker into a meditative trance. With the usual silks and shringar of Indian iconography intact, the tassel on His lotus petal-rimmed and trishool-engraved crown draws it downwards on one side. A multi-tiered pedestal, a tier of which is composed of an inverted and superbly lifelike lotus, supports the race of the Lord.

Item Code: ZDU36
Brass Statue
23.5 inch x 8.5 inch x 8.2 inch
11 kg

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