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Buddha Head from Nepal - Tibetan Buddha

Buddha Head from Nepal - Tibetan Buddha
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A Buddha head holds a great significance in Buddhism, apart from being a beauty aspect it is also focussed as an icon of confidence, awareness, knowledge and nobility; it spreads the influence of peace and harmony around anyone’s life. Exotic India feels great to be a medium of generating this calmness and purity at your place by providing this Buddha head sculpture, carved out in high quality brass in sharp and astonished features. High brows and closed eyes represent his deep meditation and the subtle and serene posture of his lips symbolize his harmonious and calm nature. The small dot visible on Buddha’s forehead is ‘urna’, symbolizing his supernatural vision and the long earlobes are a mark of the wealth he possessed during his life as a prince. The lines on neck similar to that of a conch, indicate his deep and soulful voice tone.

The closely coiled and matted hair are indicative of Buddha’s years of unconditional meditation to achieve enlightenment. The cranial bump on Buddha’s head is ‘ushnisha’ representing knowledge and wisdom which he attained after being enlightened. Not only the iconographic aspects, another alluring beauty is the double aureole of divinity formed behind his head; sculpted in triple layers with the inner and outer ones decorated with large round beads. The heavenly beauty of this sculpture allows it to be used as an ornamentation for your home or office and also a model of spirituality.

Item Code: ZDZ68
Brass Sculpture
10.5 inch Height x 8 inch Width x 4.7 inch Depth
1.7 kg

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