Brilliant Like The Lion Who Has Just Killed an Elephant (Shrimad Bhagavata Purana 7.8.30)

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Brass Statue
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Weight: 800 gm
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Shipped to 153 countries
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In front of the demon Hiranyakashipu, stood the Lord in the form of a man-lion (Nara-simha). He had fierce eyes shining like molten gold and a swollen face with dazzling hair and mane. His teeth were fearful and the razor-edged tongue was brandishing about like a sword. He looked all the more frightful on account of the overall frowning countenance. The ears were motionless and erect and He had an amazing, gaping mouth with nostrils wide like mountainous caverns. The wide, parted jaws presented a horrible picture and His neck was short and sinewy. The Lord's chest was broad enough but the waist slender. His whole body was covered with fur, white like the rays of the moon and the many arms, extending on all sides had claws for weapons. (Shrimad Bhagavata Purana 7.8.20 - 22)

Giving forth a shrill pearl of laughter, rendered all the more terrific by the accompanying roar, making the demon mommentarily blink, the Lord seized the villain, who was darting up and down with the swiftness of a hawk, brandishing his sword in many (expert) ways. Thereupon, being afflicted sore with that severe hold of Narasimha, like a rat seized by a serpent, the demon made every effort to get out the former's grasp. But Lord Shri Hari carried the asura to the threshold of his own house and there placing him (whose skin not even the thunderbolt of Indra had not been able to scratch) on His thighs, rent open with His talons Hiranyakashipu's bowels and entrails as sportively as Garuda would tear apart a venomous snake to shreds. (7.8.28 - 29)

The Lord, whose fearful eyes were difficult to gaze at due to their enormous wrath, now licked with His tongue the corners of his gaping mouth. His countenance and the manes on the shoulders had turned crimson, besmeared as they were by the demon's blood. He then, having garlanded Himself with the entrails of the fallen villain, shone like a lion who has just killed an elephant. (7.8.30)

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  • Q. Is the statue hollow or solid ?
    A. Brass statues are made through a process of clay casting, hence are hollow. Whereas, panchaloha bronze statues are made through a process of lost wax casting, hence they are solid.
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