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Sculptures > Hindu > Vishnu > Bhagawan Varaha
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Bhagawan Varaha

Bhagawan Varaha

Bhagawan Varaha

Varah–The Boar-faced, is one of the 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu to destroy powerful demon Hiranyaksha symbolizing the greed and exploitation. Mother earth submerged in the ocean of enormous crimes, sorrows & wrongdoings. In consequence lord Vishnu had to emerge as lord Varaha, destroyed the demon, and saved the mother earth (the world populi). Varah ( Sanskrit ) means - var( Shrestha)+ ah( divas) ; means best day ( Shrestha-Divas).The day you do a Satkarm is the Shrestha-divas. Lord Varah picked up the earth out of oceans and handed it over to great saint ‘Manu’, meaning as handing over to the people of this universe. Varah -avatar is the incarnation of contentment (santosh).

Wonderfully carved statute of Bhagwan varah in bronze from swami malai is in its full aesthetic visuals. Having a high-long coronet over the head of the bour mouthed face .the face with its huge nathune is something amazing & stunning. Depicted with four hands – holding a unique Gada (club) in one, an eye-catching Padma in second, a sankha-chakra in the third, and blessing with the fourth. A long tilak on forehead, long eyelets in both the ears, a sacred yagyopavit(janeue) until the waist-line, and a necklace in the neck.

Dressed in a charming laharia-lungi ( dhoti ) in south India fashion, he is standing over a heightened double-rounded platform in an Ashirwad pose. There are two anklets in both the legs. Very handy to be kept as a decorative artifact in your home. Keeping the statue, you resolve to remain Satisfied in all the situations –favorable or unfavorable,far away from greediness and acquisitiveness. This is the secret of Varah awtar.

Only One in stock

Bronze Statue from Swamimalai

5.70 inch Height x 2.70 inch Width x 2.00 inch Depth
0.4 Kg.
Item Code:
$299.00   Shipping Free - 4 to 6 days
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Bhagawan Varaha
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