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Bhagawan Ganesha Seated on Lotus (Large Size)

Bhagawan Ganesha Seated on Lotus (Large Size)

"Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha"

This chant is used at the beginning of a new venture, to clear the path of obstacles and to invoke Lord Ganesha, the deity of obstacles and good fortune; he is the lord of everyman and a symbolism of protection and power who safeguards us from life’s difficulties. This large Ganesha sculpture is carved in a unique and bright orange color symbolizing creativity, emotional balance, harmony and good health. The royal lustre and glow of this wooden sculpture highlighted by a blend of gold, red and orange shades captivates the eyes of the viewer.

Ganesha perches here in lalitasana on a multi-layered colorful lotus throne placed on a heighted triple layered pedestal of a distinctive shape and the brown colored mooshak (Ganesha’s vahana) sits in obeisance to its Lord. Ganapati is garbed here in an ankle length golden dhoti carved in beautiful horizontal closely etched creases and a kamarband hidden beneath his paunchy belly that has its green ends visible on the sides; the rich jewels (necklaces, bracelets, armlets and anklets) that adorn his body beautify his personality; a long lotus necklace veils his body giving a touch of royalty.

Chaturbhuja holds a mango and his broken tusk in the anterior hands and posterior hands hold the weapons that help to clear obstacles and pave the way for new beginnings; the large flappy ears are decorated with a sun shaped tattoo and yellow dots all around. The jeweled trunk is striated intensely and decorated with an om symbol and folds towards the left in Vamamukhi pose signifying peacefulness and blissfulness. The realistic expression of his eyes and the flower haloed intensely chiseled crown glorifies his aura. Another unique aspect of this statue is the beautifully tattooed back of Lord Ganesha.

Item Code: ZEO025
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
35.30 inch Height X 18.00 inch Width x 5.70 inch Depth
17.00 Kg.

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