6" Auspicious Kirtimukha Mask | Wall Hanging | Brass Statue | Handmade | Made In India

6" Auspicious Kirtimukha Mask | Wall Hanging | Brass Statue | Handmade | Made In India

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Kirtimukha holds an important role in the iconography of Hindu Temple architecture. He can be seen above the doors of all temples. He is depicted as a huge fierce monster face with huge fangs, protruding eyes and a gaping mouth. But what makes Kirtimukha, the immortal face of Glory so significant? Well, there is a story behind that. Kirtimukha is believed to be an all-devouring monster created from Lord Shiva’s third eye. As it got hungry, Shiva asked the monster to eat himself which he did and finally only his face remained. Pleased by his actions Shiva gave him the name Kirtimukha. Kirtimukha is revered as a symbolic death and cleansing of our minds. It is also used to ward off evil spirits and remove Vastu Dosha.

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Item Code: ZEP837
7.00 inch Height X 5.00 inch Width X 1.60 inch Depth
700 gm

This brass statue of Kirtimukha is a finely carved sculpture with intricate works. The exquisite craftsmanship of the artisans is visible in the handmade wall hanging. The uniqueness of the sculpture lies in the fact that we are compelled to admire a ferocious-looking monster face. Such is the perfection and detailing in the statue. This wall hanging is ideal to be placed above the door of your House, Temple, Hotel and Office. Great for Spiritual and Religious gifting purpose, wedding gift, Birthday Gift, Diwali and festival gifts, House warming and new ventures etc.


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