5" The Four Directional Forms of Shiva Head in Brass | Handmade | Made in India

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The Four Directional Forms of Shiva - Cast in brass with remarkable craftsmanship, this sculpture presents Lord Shiva in four distinct aspects, each representing a cardinal direction. Standing tall, Shiva's North-facing form symbolizes tranquility and introspection. His West-facing aspect depicts a nurturing, protective figure. The South-facing portrayal embodies the transformative force of destruction and renewal. Finally, the East-facing representation exudes benevolence and enlightenment. Holding diverse attributes, such as a trident, drum, and snake, Shiva's multifaceted identity embodies the universe's interconnectedness and eternal cycles. A reminder that beyond our limited perspectives, there exist boundless dimensions to explore within and without.

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Item Code: XU88
Brass Statue
Height: 5.1 inch
Width: 3.4 inch
Depth: 3.5 inch
Weight: 1.50 kg
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Shipped to 153 countries
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This Shivalingam is carved with four faces facing the cardinal directions. In Sanskrit, such Lingas are known as Pancha-Mukha-Lingam or the five-faced Linga. In representations in art, the fifth face signifies the ultimate formless abstract principle. It is therefore not explicitly delineated but implied in the dome of the composition as here.

The spatial significance gives this image a cosmic symbolism, with the five faces representing the following forms of Shiva, one for each direction:

1). East: Tatpurusha

2). West: Sadyojata

3). North: Vamadeva

4). South: Aghora

5). Top: Ishana

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