5" Dancing Shiva Parvati | Lord Shiva Parvati | Brass Statue | Handmade

5" Dancing Shiva Parvati | Lord Shiva Parvati | Brass Statue | Handmade

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Shiva, the destroyer of the material world dances in ecstasy and unveils the ignorance within the individual souls to bring them back into their pure consciousness (Sat-chit-ananda) or the Absolute Truth. Parvati is the daughter of the King of Mountain Himavat or Parvat, and the consort of Lord Shiva. She is considered as the power and recreative energy of Shiva and represents the Tamo Guna (mode of ignorance). The gentle aspect of Parvati’s energy calms the furious power of Shiva.

On a huge multilayered pedestal with its base designed in the shape of lotus petals facing the floor, stand the divine couple Shiva and Parvati. Their beautiful tribhanga stance looks mesmerizing as they stand next to each other. Shiva, an ascetic yogi can be seen embracing his benevolent wife which shows us that he is a great grihasta too. 

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Brass Statue
5.5 inch Height x 3 inch Width x 2 inch Depth
560 gm

They wear a close-fitting perfectly pleated dhoti down to their ankles and a kamarbandh is embellished around their waist. Shiva is here shown to have four arms; He admires the grace and beauty of Parvati by putting His right hand under Her chin. A subtle smile can be seen on Her face. She is shown to have two arms; the right arm is in Abhay Mudra (fear not). They are adorned with several ornaments and tall crowns on their heads certainly speak about their exalted personality. Lastly, the soft dark green undertone of the brass gives this sculpture an ancient look.

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