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Item Code: OQ50
Oil on Canvas
2.8 ft x 3.8 ft
A woman is a paragon of beauty. Artists over the ages have taken much delight in portraying various aspects of this multi dimensional being called a woman. She is a seductress with amazing innocence; she is strength personified with such tenderness; she holds within her, the contradictions but most of all unparalleled beauty.

The sun has set; she ought to go back to the village. She sits waiting, a tired child in front of her. There must be something more important! She looks sideways, far into the distance anxiety writ large over her face. There is expectancy in her eyes, a kind of sureness that compels her to stay and wait; a smile gives way to grimness. She is dressed in an elegant attire and exquisite jewelry. Framing her face is the head ornament, followed by the earrings and necklaces below. A nose rings adds grace to the beautiful face. The child with his back to the viewer has his head bent; a gesture that states that he's tired and sleepy. He sits patiently as if understanding his mother's anxiety.

The glowing colors of the sunset are reflected in the waters below. The artist using deft brushstrokes creates a background that is as exquisite as the central theme. Nowhere on the entire canvas appear conflicting color schemes.

This description by Renu Rana.

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