Vishnu Seated on a Lotus (Guler School)

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Item Code: HB55
Artist: Kailash Raj
Water Color Painting on PaperArtist: Kailash Raj
Dimensions 10.5 inch x 7 inch
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100% Made in India
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Fair trade
The blue-hued, four-armed Vishnu sits in padmasana on a full-blown lotus flower painted large enough to accommodate his entire form. The curves of his bend knees merge subtly with the circularity of the lotus. The four arms of Vishnu express dominion over the four directions of space and thus absolute power, and also further represent the four aims of life, namely dharma, artha, kama, and moksha. He holds the following symbols in his hands:
The lower right hand holds the conch. The conch is the symbol of the origin of existence. It has the form of a multiple spiral evolving from one point into ever-increasing spheres. It is associated with the element water, and thus is spoken of as born of the causal waters. When blown, it produces a sound associated with the primeval sound from which creation developed.

The upper right arm holds the mace. "The mace is the power of knowledge" (Vishnu Purana), which dazzles and intoxicates the mind, hence it is called the stupefier-of-the-mind (Kaumodaki).

The lower left hand holds the discus. The discus of Vishnu is called 'the beauteous sight,' known in Sanskrit as Sudarshana. It represents the limitless power which invents and destroys all the spheres and forms of the universe, the nature of which is to revolve.

The upper left arm holds the lotus. The lotus symbolizes the universe, the flower that unfolds in all its glory from the formless endlessness of the causal waters. The immaculate lotus rising from the depth of the water and ever remote from the shore is also associated with the notion of purity.

The yellow scarf around his shoulders spreads out in rhythmic curves. The lower part too is draped in a similarly colored dhoti. On his forehead Vishnu sports the distinctive Vaishnavite U-shaped tilaka known as Urdhapundara. Similar Vaishnavite marks adorn his hands allover.

A unique aspect of this portrait of Vishnu is his crown, shaped like a conical skullcap, topped with an arc-shaped diadem.

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