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Under The Canopy Of The Bridal Tree

Under The Canopy Of The Bridal Tree
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Two young maidens have stumbled upon each other in the midst of a beauteous garden. They were performing their daily chore of watering the plants, and it is under a particularly luscious tree that they find themselves caught in each other’s gaze. Its plentifully branching stem is a vibrant vermillion hue. Its dense canopy dominates the canvas, and is filled with life. A plethora of fine, silvery leaves and the exuberance of ample fruit. Peacocks and parrots aplenty, of plumage so gorgeous it would make the finest ladies of the land tremble with envy despite their shringar. In fact, the beauty of this tree is equivalent to that of a tall, slender bride - from the sindoori colour of its bark to the delicate colours tattooed along its length, not to mention the plenitude in its canopy.

The maidens standing underneath it are making slow, drawling conversation with each other. They are dressed in traditional embroidered lehengas, their long veils reaching all the way down to their ankles. Their sonorous bangles clink at their wrists as the waters pour forth from their pots into the flowering shrubs growing in painted clay pots. From their long black hair and those large, deep eyes, clearly the human silhouette is a rudimental one in traditional Madhubani art.

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Item Code: DP24
Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)Artist : Lakshmi Devi
21.00 inch X 28.00 inch

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