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Tibetan Buddhist Lama Guru

Tibetan Buddhist Lama Guru
Guru Riponche, or Padmasambhava, is believed to have eight manifestations, each associated with one of the eight major and minor directions - Guru Shakya Senge (East), Guru Pema Gyalpo (South), Guru Padmasambhava (West), Guru Dorje Drolo (North), Guru Nyima Ozer (Southeast), Guru Padmakara (Southwest), Guru Senge Dradrok (Northwest), and Guru Loden Chokse (Northeast). In this fierce wrathful aspect, the Guru was an important protector deity of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism.

This beautiful Tibetan Thangka painting depicts Guru Dorje Drolo, one of the eight principal forms of Guru Riponche assumed at different points of his life. It's the wild, wrathful form of the Guru-saint, where he stands before a flaming aueole, holding a ritual tool, the vajra, in his right hand, ready to strike. He rides a fierce tiger as the flayed skin of an elephant is draped across his shoulders.

We see demons crushed beneath the feet of the Guru in this painting, both of male and female forms. The guru himself is represented with curly hair, eyes, including the third one, open wide in fury, astride his tiger mount, upon a floating pedestal supported by divine lotus of many petals. There are hills and lakes beneath the lotus, representing the divine status of the Guru.

Item Code: TL01
Tibetan Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface - 14.5 inch X 20.7 inch
Size with Brocade 27 inch X 44 inch

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