The Temptation Of Buddha

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Batik Painting On Cotton Fabric
Dimensions 2.4 ft X 3.6 ft
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100% Made in India
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Art and craft in India have been influenced by myths, legends, even day to day lives. Craft on cloth e.g. kalamkari and batik have too not remained unaffected. Other than the epics and puranas, themes drawn from Buddhist legends constitute another innovation. This coupled with the exotic form of art that is batik has produced this outstanding work.

Perfectly motionless, Buddha whose given name was Siddhartha is immersed in a deep state of meditation. He is concentrating all his psychic strength, all his thoughts in order to receive the illumination (bodhi). According to legend, in Kamadhetu (world of desire), there reigned Mara, sovereign of the passions, who represented all that Buddha wanted to abolish. He attacked Buddha twice but was defeated. After violence, after persuasion, comes temptation. He immediately called his daughters who were the most beautiful in the world and enjoined them to go to the bodhisattva in order to tempt.

This picture shows one of the three daughters who is expert in the art of seduction, fascinating in her grace and physical perfection, adept at the whole gamut of smiles and lascivious posturing, she hereby uses her charming maneuvers before the Buddha. Temptation fails. Buddha has in his lap, his right hand on top of his left, in the gesture of the dhyanamudra, perfectly motionless, immersed in meditation.

This description by Renu Rana.

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