Surya, Sun God with 12 Zodiac Signs (Astrological Diagram)

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The twelve zodiac signs are consistent across the astrology of most cultures. According to Hindu astrology, Lord Soorya, personification of the sun sign, is at the very centre of the zodiac table. The painting that you see on this page depicts just that: the handsome, glowing Soorya Devata on horse-drawn chariot (which unmistakably number in seven), surrounded by twelve zodiac signs.

Anticlockwise from directly above Soorya’s head, the rashees (zodiac signs) are mesha, vrshabha, mithuna, karka, simha, kanya, tula, vrshchika, dhanusha, makara, kumbha, and meena. Each of the rashees, of course, pertains to a certain time-frame of the individual’s birth and implies a specific temperament.

This is an expressively coloured, remarkably detailed painting. Each of the signs are contained within miniature circular panels, which in no way compromises on the details included in the composition. The colour palette is predominantly light, with hints of a deep scarlet within the panels; and lots of green and crimson around the same.

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Item Code: PAA520
Artist: Kailash Raj
Water Color Painting on PaperArtist:Kailash Raj
Dimensions 13.00 inch Height X 10.50 inch Width
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