Standing Lord Vishnu

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A vividly painted standing Lord Vishnu. A pale-flush lotus beneath His delicate, symmetrically gathered feet. A garland made up of the same bloom in more realistic proportions, that goes over the anterior arms. In the posterior right of His four hands, a long-stemmed number in full bloom. Needless to say, the lotus is integral to Vaishnavite iconography.

The most striking aspect of this composition is the colour arrangement. The deep, dusky blue of the complexion of Vishnu’s body, reminiscent of the charming tropical twilight. The glittering colour of peeta (amber) of His silken dhoti, held in place by an emerald green sash and streams of sheer white pearls. Jewellery of a deep, gracious gold, more of which is to be found on the solid crown on His head, the mace in His posterior left hand, and the upper body of the milk-white conch in His anterior right hand. The background is a barely-there peaches-and-cream gradient, designed to set off the colours in the foreground.

The gravitas of Vishnu’s composure of countenance adds to the authenticity of the composition.

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Item Code: PAA611
Artist: Kailash Raj
Dimensions 12.50 inch Height X 8.00 inch Width
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