Shri Shri Yantram (Yantra  for Wealth and Prosperity)

Shri Shri Yantram (Yantra for Wealth and Prosperity)

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The most popular of yantras, and for good reason, the Shri Shri Yantram takes a considerable degree of skill and scholarship to paint. The bindu, comprising of the sacred syllable of Shri, is surrounded by nine interlocking isosceles triangles, five of which are oriented downwards (symbolic of the yoni) and four upwards (symbolic of the lingam). The same is surrounded by two contentic lotus-petalled circles of asta-dala (eight petals) and shodasha-dala (sixteen-petalled) each. Finally, there is the three-level bhupura or sacred precinct that encloses the whole yantra. The mantra that goes with this yantra is, "Om shareeng/Hareeng kaleeng/Hareeng Shri mahalakshmaiya namaha". Worshipped under the guidance of an accomplished and experienced astrologer, this yantra would bring affluence and prosperity to the devotee.
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