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Mother Cow Suckles Her Little Calf

Mother Cow Suckles Her Little Calf
The cow is an important aspect of the social and spiritual lives of the people of India. It is indispensable to agriculture and daily nourishment; and its selfless nature makes it an object of worship across the subcontinent. No wonder it is a source of inspiration for folk painters, proof of which lies in the Madhubani painting that you see on this page. It is a black and white composition, its bitone simplicity contrasting sharply with the complex range of lines and motifs that define the subject.

The body of the gentle quadruped occupies more than half the frame - the torso and the head with the lifelike eye turned in the direction of its suckling calf fill up the upper half. Amidst its sturdy legs in the lower half, distinguishable by the polka dots that define the skin of the bovine, are grass and shrubbery. The same are defined by semicircular curves and long, slender, winding shoots with dense canopies. Treading upon those with its tender weight, sheltered amidst its mother’s legs is a little calf. It has taken its mother’s udders in its mouth and is drawing nourishment from her, while the mother lovingly tongues its back.

Both the cow and its calf belong to a loving master, who has set them free to graze in these green fields one quiet afternoon. The silk on their backs are embroidered with flowers, the edges showing a more luxuriant handiwork. Similar strokes of the brush are to be found in the borders of the composition.

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Item Code: DP52
Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
28.00 inch X 20.00 inch

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