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The Lady with the Lamp

The Lady with the Lamp
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Item Code: OS45
Oil on Canvas
36.0 inches X 47.0 inches
What arrests ones attention, to begin with here, is the picturesque impact, on the visage of the subject intensified by the beauty with which light has been shown falling from one side making the rest of the figure enchanting. Highlighted against the dark backdrop, the lady with the lamp grabs your attention, for the patience with which the artist approaches it, and the treatment he renders to her .The light and shade play upon it most appealingly lending to it the the charm that makes the painting demanding a longer, lengthier look.

Reminding one of the fusion of the Indian traditions, with the technique of European academic art, the work achieves the realism it set out t .It reminds us also of Raja Ravi Verma's elaborately done works with similar subjects.

The story the lady allows you to imagine could be that of one lost in a reverie, while probably waiting fondly for her love . Bringing along the scenario of the traditional setup, where a woman is groomed with the conditioning of being so devoted a wife that her entire life revolves round her husband, who occupies the place of her God . The journey beginning with her being married off . Her entire goal then being that of religious surrender, of her body, and soul to her deity, her husband. That is the expression of the religious devotion that one deciphers in her eyes, while the rest of her is decked up beautifull ,impeccably and almost painstakingly, to be the source of utmost joy ( as opposed to pleasure,vis-a-vis the present scenario ) as if she was herself an offering at the alter of her devotion to her lord.

All put aside, that state of being, that anyone for that matter would or could acquire, would already have found his or her benediction, redemption, his or her blessing. Something akin to what the devotion of Krishna brought to Meera. That feel to it is what lends a weighty dignity to the work.

This description by Bhoomika Jain.

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