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Gracious Ganesha (Embossed with 24 Karat Gold)

Gracious Ganesha (Embossed with 24 Karat Gold)
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Item Code: HL16
Water Color Painting on Paper Embossed with 24 Karat Gold
D. H. Thakur
8.8 inch X 11.8 inch
Lord Ganesha is comfortably sitting on a couch with his hands touching the ornamental red pillows on both sides. His right hand holds a goad and a gracious lotus is in his left hand. A bowl of ladoos supported with one hand is lying on the left knee and the other hand posturing bliss is exactly above the right knee. His left leg can be seen tucked towards inside while the right leg is placed on a circular velvet support. The Great Lord is wearing heavy ornaments with a very long necklace reaching below his navel. His exquisite crown is embedded with emeralds and rubies. His trunk enjoys the exotic fragrance of the laddoos. The expression of serenity on the face of Lord Ganesha adds a cosmic ambience to the painting.

On the right side of the painting is a plate full of fresh fruits placed on the carpet. On the left his beloved rat is busy in devouring his very own ladoo. In a rectangular frame there is a temple shaped dome sculpted with the symbol of OM. The color of background inside the dome is black, but soothing nevertheless, perhaps because of the overpowering presence of this beloved elephant-headed god. The green carpet adds a certain vividness to the color scheme of the artwork.

This majestic painting is a perfect amalgamation of colors and backgrounds. Its unique aspect is the heavy embossing using 24 karat gold. The trident and three-line Shaivite tilaka on his forehead identifies Ganesha as the son of Lord Shiva. The sacred of OM between his eyes points to the cosmic significance of Ganesha.

This description by Abhishek Bhatanagar.

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