Ganesha Spreading Love

Ganesha Spreading Love

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Perfect shades of vibrant colors and the sharp beauty of lord Ganesha, who stands in his nritya (dance) posture on a high pedestal decorated with lotus petals at the top and two multiwick diyas of devotion on either sides, majorly enhances picturesque aspects of this oil painting.

The oval aureole bordered with full grown multicoloured flowers enhances the auspiciousness of this elephant god; garbed in heavenly colors of yellow dhoti, royal blue stole hung on his hands with the contrasting pink kamarband that falls in perfect pleats with the zaried antique borders; embellished in ancient yet modernly designed real jewels and the richly carved royal crown that glorifies on his head. Chaturbhuja is seen dancing on the cosmic beats arousing from his blue and gold encarved dholak and the dandiya sticks that bang to produce rich soulful and curing sounds.

The expression of his sparkling lotus eyes, beautiful trunk and that distinctive Shaivite tilak on his forehead portrays his realistic gestures as if in motion. Painter has very skilfully and mindfully used the light and dark color combinations filled with naturalistic brush strokes, accentuating various emotions of love, devotion, culture and beauty in one frame.

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Item Code: OQ33
Oil on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
48.00 inch X 72.00 inch
A garland made of fresh blooming flowers and leaves is created in order of increasing size. This rich offering of love is then arranged around a dancing image of Lord Ganesha beating rhythmic beats out of the colorful mridangam in his hands. The ever faithful mouse sits playing cymbals at his lord's feet.

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